Ples s maskama

Ples s maskama, bronca, visina 210 cm, Novi Vinodolski

Ples s maskama

Skulptura Ples s maskama alegorijska je priča o potiskivanju zla i uzdizanju dobra.

Postavljena je u Novom Vinodolskom 2006. godine za 26. Konvenciju karnevalskih gradova (FECC).


Dance with the Masks

The sculpture Dance with the Masks is an allegorical story of demotion evil and elevation of good.

The sculpture has an elaborated form and dynamic modelling all of which enrich its presentation of the long-legged ritual dancer who demotes the mask of evil to the ground, and with her right hand elevates the mask of good.

The scultpure is full of rhythm through which movement and energy dominate.

The face of the dancer is also a mask.

The masks of Good and Evil are both modelled as two-sided masks. The mask of Good which modelled as positive-negative mould which is associated with the Sun.

The mask of Evil, also known as the Green Man, has also got two faces but neither of them represents a great evil as both are interesting and attractive.

The sculpture is based on contrasts by both form and content: good and evil represented simultaneously, elegant and strong at the same time, dominant strong legs in movement and gentle female torso with protruding hip, long legs, etc.

Accentuated parts of the body of this androgynous sculpture increase the dramatic action of the movement and life of the sculpture itself.